1 0

That's Pie in Your Eye!

Albert VII throws a cream pie in his opponent's face temporarily blinding them.

1 1

Tail Trip

Albert VII uses his tail to sweep the leg!

1 1


Albert VII blocks his opponent's attack with a whoopie cushion and uses his Sucker Punch mallet for a surprise hit!

0 2

Horn Gore

Albert VII pokes his opponent with his horns!

1 1

Go Climb a Tree

Albert VII evades attack by climbing a tree and dropping down to pop the opponent in the head.

0 2

Sucker Punch

Albert VII uses his sucker punch mallet to wallop his opponent before using the extendo boxing glove for the coup de grace!

0 4


Daart backflips and simultaneously kicks his opponent.

4 0


Daart leaps straight up to avoid his opponent.

2 0

Iron Stomach

Channeling his favorite superhero, Daart braces himself to resist attack. *Iron Stomach SF only works if Opponent's total AF is 2 or less

Poison Slime

Your opponent can't roll in the next round.The opponent is rendered paralysed after being covered in Daart's slime.

3 1

Bola Shock

Daart's bola wraps around his opponent then stuns with a zap!

2 2


Daart's trick boomerang whirls around him, making him difficult to reach before it smacks his opponent. *3SF applies in the NEXT round

0 2

Electric Strike

El Ray pours bioelectric power through his harpoon, and a bolt of electricity fries his opponent.

1 2


Ducking into a nearby body of water, El Ray avoids attack while launching a spear from his pistol.

0 0

Wet Behind the Ears

El Ray slips and loses his balance! Don't forget a towel, Lieutenant!

0 1

Tail Barb

Swinging his tail around his body, El Ray jabs his opponent with his stingray tail.

0 2

Lightning Storm

El Ray releases all of his collected bioelectricity at once in a brilliant, explosive light and energy attack and stuns his opponent.

0 3

Blow Hole Cannon Blast

Powerful enough to punch a hole through a ship's hull, El Ray's Blow Hole Cannon shivers the timbers of his opponent!

2 3

Thrill Quill

Quillroy couches to flex his powerful back muscles and launch quills at his opponent!

0 4

Horse Bull Wings

Quillroy swigs a Horse Bull energy drink giving him an extra burst of power! *This 4 AF is added to the next round only if Quillroy can roll next round. If not, Horse Bull does nothing.

0 0

Blind “Sighted”

Disoriented, Quillroy takes a moment to use his echolocation to get his bearings.

3 0


Quillroy blocks an attack by using the thickest of his rhino skin.

0 0


Quillroy decides whether to launch the intimidator arrow for damage or a knock-out gas arrow to prevent another attack. *Choose either 3 attack now or prevent opponent from rolling next round

0 6

Weight Flail

Fresh from the gym, Quillroy uses his full strength to show his opponent how to get swoll-en.