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Alter Nation Debut at ASTRA! Booking and Live Streams!

Hey Toy Industry Peeps!

If you’re attending the 2018 American Specialty Toy Retailing Association convention, the ASTRA Marketplace and Academy, being held this year in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center from June 10-13, be sure to stop by our booth, #138! We’ll be featuring the world debut of our first brand ever, Alter Nation!

Developed in secret government labs on an island base off the California coast comes an original team of heroes with mysterious origins. Human-Animal hybrid experiments, kept locked away from a world they are sworn to protect. Trained by top military minds to use their animal inspired abilities when no other force will do. Is the world ready for genetically engineered beings? All will be revealed at the ASTRA 2018 Marketplace & Academy Show.  Alter Nation is a 1:12 scale action figure line that focuses on original characters, action features, and has a deep background of world building, inspiring play.

So if you are going, visit BOOTH 138 and you can pick up your EXCLUSIVE, ASTRA-only Lab Rat and other Alter Nation gear while supplies last. Book an appointment with us to get an even more exclusive, VIP Lab Rat. For bookings, please email our executive assistant, [email href=””]Merlin Llamas[/email].

BUT, if you’re not going, you can still catch our world debut! All you have to do is follow us on your favorite social medias… There’s live streams on the Twits, the WhoTubes, the Book of Face, or Instamash! If you want to be sure to catch it, then be sure to tailgate Panda Mony on the virtual reality cyberspace highway offramp detour known as social media right now by clicking the follow buttons on those pages!

A final word, it’s been a long year of work on this brand, and we couldn’t of done it without the support of everyone who played a role, big or small, in Alter Nation‘s development. We honestly, and earnestly appreciate the positive response from industry veterans (who’ve signed the NDA), our friends and family for giving us moral support and likes, and everyone else who helped make our debut a rip-roarin’, funtasmic, face-swatting, success.