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Alpha and Bomber Sightings (Finally)

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Who’s That Pokémon Human-Animal Hybrid?!

The number one question we get asked is “When are Alpha and Bomber coming out?” After all, our dunderheads on the marketing team decided we should write “coming soon” on every package of Alter Nation! What gives?

Well, there was a little complication in 2020 that prevented us from moving inventory at conventions. I can’t remember the details right now, but it involved a little Italian guy from New York telling us not to even step outside of our home, much less go to a convention!

I demanded my entire staff rack their smooth little human brains to come up with a solution. After far too long, the best they could come up with the idea of putting the responsibility on you, the fans. That’s right, crowdfunding. Since we utterly failed to come up with a plan to continue selling toys in a situation where we were completely restricted, we need you to save us from our shortsighted blunder.

We’re Launching a Kickstarter this summer. Expect to see it sometime around late July. Why such a lack of commitment to a date? Well, we already failed to deliver on the “coming soon” bit. We don’t want to botch this again, but the even bigger reason is, we need to get the word out before the Kickstarter starts to make sure it goes off with out a Hitch, starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes.

My gut says our ‘genius’ marketing team thinks that if Alpha and Bomber don’t come out, they can blame you, but you and I are not going to let that happen! I am humbly (for once) asking fans please share your enthusiasm for Alter Nation on your favorite internet forums and social media groups where people might be interested in Action Figures or great toys for kids, share our posts, and even just tell your friends and other parents. I’ll take care of the rest, but we need more of your mouths to do some word-of-ing!

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