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Illustration Daart

Rank: Cadet in Training (Special Operations)


Height: 6.5’ (1.9m) on all fours 7.5’ (2.3m) standing upright
Weight: 190lb. (86kg)
Age: 13 years

Enthusiastic and naive, Daart always leaps before he looks. Literally. While he has the ability to leap extraordinary distances and paralyze enemies with toxic slime, his greatest power is his good heart.

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Daart Toy Key Features

  • Fully poseable with 15 points of articulation
  • Spring Loaded Backflip Action


  • Hyper-flex Boomerang
  • “Frog Grip” Bola
  • Iron Stomach Mini Action Figure
Daart Wwn

Classified Story:

The Florida swamps are full of mysteries, so they were the perfect place to create Daart’s cover story. After a particularly powerful hurricane swept into the state, Daart was dropped into the swamps and rumors began to circulate about an enormous frog hopping around at dusk. Groups of kids and hunters all went out looking for the “Big Bull.” No one ever caught it and some claimed that the creature looked them in the eyes and then they were paralyzed.

After enough stories circulated of the mysterious Frog Boy, our agents brought Daart back to San Nicolas Island to raise and train for GK Delta.

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