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Illustration Quillroy

Rank: Ensign (Special Operations)


Height: 7’ 6”(2.3m)
Weight: 315lb. (104kg)
Age: 19 years

Quillroy likes his music like he likes his weights: heavy. If he’s not in the gym then he can be found goofing off with Albert VII. A vegan, or perhaps more aptly a herbivore, he frequently chides his team for their nutritional choices, but doesn’t appear to see the irony in his Horse Bull Energy Drink habit.

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Quillroy Toy Key Features

  • Fully poseable with 17 points of articulation
  • Kinetic Launching Quills – Shoots three spring loaded quills from his back.


  • Military Issue Compound Bow
  • Four Arrows
  • Barbell Flail Weapon
  • Horse Bull Energy Drink Can
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Classified Story:

Our agents planted Quillroy in a wildlife preserve in Southern Sahara, Africa, where he was trapped by poachers and kept in a cage as a mascot.

When the poachers were arrested, Dr. Mera’s agents intercepted the child and brought him back to San Nicolas Island.

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