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Illustration Elray

Rank: Lieutenant (Special Operations)

El Ray

Height: 6’ (1.8m)
Weight: 170lb. (77kg)
Age: 19 years

A natural leader and made to swim. El Ray wants to see his team succeed and do the right thing. His powers come from electric eels, catfish and stingrays, but his real strength is his self confidence.

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El Ray Toy Key Features

  • Fully poseable with 15 points of articulation
  • “Lightning Storm” light up feature
  • Flexible kid-powered “Stingray Strike” tail


  • Energy conductive harpoon
  • Spear pistol
  • “Blow Hole” portable cannon
El Ray Ripley S (1)

Classified Story:

To build a cover story, GK Project operatives dropped El Ray into the Amazon upstream from a village. When locals found him in a pile of leaves, they believed El Ray to be the child of the river god M’Boi and a village woman. Regarded as a bad omen, El Ray was tossed back into the river to float away.

Dr. Mera’s agents recovered the child and perpetuated the tales of a “baby river monster.”

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