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Illustration Sham

Rank: Fmr. Field Officer (CIA)


Height: 5.5′ (1.7m)
Weight: 135lb. (61kg)
Age: 23 years

Secretive, verbose and cunning, Sham is a spy through and through. Because of his training we cannot identify any definitive likes or personality traits other than an intense desire for information.

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Sham Toy Key Features

  • Fully poseable with 16 points of articulation
  • 360-degree vision
  • Moves silently
  • Chameleon skin
  • Leathery, under-plated skin
  • Powerful lashing tongue
  • 5.5″ inches – 140.58 mm tall (1/12th Scale)


  • Book with a hidden compartment to hide weapons
  • Thermo-reactive body that camouflages with heat!
  • Pistol with Silencer
  • Umbrella with Hidden Poisoned Blade

Story Sham

Classified Story:

After GK Alpha and GK Beta proved the possibilities of the Generation Kymera Program, the CIA approached Dr. Mera to provide a team of operatives that would remain 100% secret and complete missions impossible for a human. GK Gamma is that team. Made up of counter intelligence and espionage specialists, they can hack and sneak into any place and get to anyone. GK Gamma’s extreme success inspired Dr. Mera to create a strike team specializing in direct assaults.

Sham, originally part of GK Gamma, served as a spy and used his chameleonic powers to infiltrate target locations and retrieve anything he was asked.

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