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Human-Animal Hybrids Revealed in New Orleans


Panda Mony Toy Brands unveiled a new line of action figures called Alter Nation today at the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) Marketplace in New Orleans. Alter Nation is a new line of action figures created with the input of kids and consists of a team of heroes who are experimental human-animal hybrids with extraordinary abilities.

The Alter Nation line was developed after spending hours working with kids to get their input on the story development and making sure that their first toy line had kid appeal! Children were provided 20 product and story ideas, and they provided feedback on all of them. That feedback was then incorporated into the product and story line development! Alter Nation was chosen because it got the highest score from kids and the 6 heroes were chosen as the kid’s favorite characters. Panda Mony plans to have children continue to impact the product and stories in the future.

The story line that Panda Mony and the kids thought was the best revolves around a team of heroes who are experimental human-animal hybrids with extraordinary abilities. These hybrids were raised in seclusion on a military base on an island off the coast of California under the eye of Colonel Stone. The hybrid-humans are told that the outside world is hostile to them because of their condition, but they soon discover they’re being lied to when GK Alpha, an early experiment, returns to exact revenge on the military. Our heroes are torn between saving humanity and their own independence. And, the Alter Nation action figure line was born!

The Alter Nation Line from Panda Mony will launch in 2019 with six hero figures including El Ray, Bomber, Daart, Eddie Thick-Skin, Little Big Horn and Sham plus two villains — Alpha and Sabotage. They will be released in two waves of four figures. There will also be 12 collectible lab animals that are animal-animal hybrids that roam on the island. The line of figures ranges in size from 2” lab animals to 7” premium figures and will retail for $2.99 – $24.99.

About Panda Mony Toy Brands
Panda Mony Toy Brands’ goal is to become a leader in children’s entertainment through the manufacture of toys and by licensing their original character brands to film, publishing, and animation studios. Panda Mony is guided by respect for kids and embraces the freedom of childhood. Panda Mony creates new and fun entertainment brands because they believe that each generation of children deserves stories and products of their own. Panda Mony respects a child’s intelligence and encourages self-discovery. The company promotes healthy physical and psychological development and time spent between kids and their guardians.

This article originally appeared on on June 11, 2019.